Trade Show Video Gets You Noticed


Looking to produced a trade show video in Charlotte North Carolina or beyond?

Tired of dull and boring trade show presentations where you seem to only get an occasional opportunity to hand out your business card and maybe even unleash, well, at least 2 lines of your sales pitch before they walk away politely?

 There is a popular remedy to better the odds at making potential customer sticks around and hear what your business has to offer.

The solution: Trade Show Video Presentations.

Video presentations are an excellent way to attract crowds and promote your products, brand and services at your next trade show or professional business networking event.

Self-playing kiosks or self-serve stations also have the ability to promote, educate, inform and sell your valuable goods and services, letting potential prospects know why you are the best at what you do. (Never hurts to show off a little too.)

Also, an equally effective approach is a live video presentation with your best company spokesperson. The strategy and setup here could be….utilize your best and most personable company presentation spokesperson and put him/her in front of a large video wall or large screen presentation with a video edited to play out as he/she delivers your company’s compelling and captivating sales pitch.

A nice touch to this would be to arrange a small stage and seating area in your booth if large enough. Be sure to give enough space for the presenter, a small seated audience and ample room for those standing to view your valuable, awe-inspiring presentation.

During an event, animated motion graphics are a strategic ways to accent your trade booth and catch the eye of potential customers seeking the services you offer.

Even from a distance, a trade show video with motion graphics can provide just enough valuable information to lure them into visiting your booth…..even when they are a few booths away or across the room listening to the sales pitch of your competition, they could take notice of what you have going on if video is playing front and center.


“Any way your company decides to showcase itself, The Video Stewards have years of experience producing professional trade show videos for companies large and small. Bring us your idea and allow us to help you implement professional video at your next trade show.”

Whether you’re looking to promote a medical device, new manufacturing equipment, car and auto, food and beverage, company spotlight or simply just wanting to jazz up your booth with an animated company logo and motion graphics package, The Video Steward is able to assist in producing a professional and effective trade show video that is specific to your desired marketing message.

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Scott Steward is the Creative Director of The Video Steward in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether your company is in need of a corporate marketing video, company overview video, company training video, trade show video or any other video endeavor…. you can expect his team of video production specialists to deliver a professional product on time – every time.

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