A Great Story is Key


When it comes to producing great corporate videos, your marketing department may not have much experience producing outstanding videos.

Most internal marketing staff can be guilty of wanting to play the safe card. Of course, safe is supposedly the easier, well… safer route. This thought process often derives from being afraid to step outside the box in order to market the business or just lacking the experience and confidence to do so.

Unfortunately, this “safe” method doesn’t always produce the desired results a corporate video needs to appeal to others. Safe doesn’t usually start conversations and rarely makes a potential client question their need for your product or service. Safe doesn’t allow them to think differently about what you do compared to your competition.

Producing a persuasive video that brings in a decent return on investment isn’t really that difficult at all. It just requires stepping outside the safe zone and allowing a creative mindset to step in to assist with the video concept. Trust us, producing a corporate video that is boring, thoughtless and all too common is much more difficult.

When the video you pioneered fails to impress upper management, you may be ducking to miss your boss in the office or taking a few of your sick days abruptly. Enough already! Here’s one of many important aspects to think about when producing your next corporate video.

Tip of the Day: Be A Storyteller.

Allow the viewer to escape and explore a world that reveals all the wonderful reasons your company exists.

Forget about all the numbers and stats. Stay focused on personal story telling with a strong beginning, an informative yet creative middle and a punchy ending they’ll remember.

Realize there is one person in front of their computer watching the video and that’s who’s important.

Grab their attention and appeal to them with your story and they’ll be telling others in the office why you’re the company to go with to get the job done right.

“Let your story be infinite. A powerful story can easily be lasting and unforgettable; it’s touching, moving and engaging. It doesn’t bore the viewer but intrigues them.”


Yes, your corporate video can have this effect on others. Great story telling, a creative approach and a “real” representation of the passion your company has is far more likely to speak to the mind and heart of your prospects. Much more than a poorly produced, cliche ridden video with way too many statistics to decipher, lacking a sense of “real”.

People know a good story when they see one. They’re pretty good at interpreting a sales pitch versus authenticity. Proper story telling can be achieved by working with a video production company that can suitably achieve your objective. Professionally filmed footage and sound, crafted by a polished producer and editor is the perfect recipe to cook up a heartfelt storyline that will leave a lasting impression on others and ultimately impact the credibility of your business.

“By delivering them emotional, memorable content that reaches out and tugs at the mind of the individual watching the video, your company will be the new buzz around town, online and for that matter, amongst your coworkers.”

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Scott Steward