The Smarter Choice: Use Professional Video


Let’s face it. There’s a lot to juggle today in terms of running and maintaining a successful business.

From mining data and analysis, maintaining customer service issues and staying ahead of the competition- Throw in employee training, new product launches and evaluating your marketing efforts and things can really become defeating if not hitting on all cylinders. Especially, if failing to at least show some decent ROI.

We’ve all heard what we need to be doing in business, what works best, or maybe some reasons why are ventures aren’t seeing the type of growth we’ve worked so hard to achieve on a daily basis.

Let’s cut the crap. Let’s just get to the bare basics of what we all really want without all the buzzwords that have driven us to our latest cluster headache.

Simply put, we all want new customers. We all want to make more money. We all want to be known for being trusted as one of the greatest in our service area.

Why? Because we already feel as if we are the best at what we do and provide exceptional value to our customers.

We feel for the most part, we offer something better than the rest or at the very least, just as good. Fair enough?

Amongst all of the tactics we can employ to gain the recognition and understanding our companies require to thrive, as always – if done right, VIDEO, yes video…remains the single easiest way to reach new clients, teach new customers, train employees and sell our brand of services. This is not soon to change. It’s only getting bigger and more popular. Video works on all fronts.

(I’ll spare you the stat showing why video rocks here.)

Where this article could lean toward the types of video that can help achieve this and that in order to be more appealing, I’d rather focus on what i know to be the most important reason you should first consider when making a decision to join the video bandwagon.

Let me explain myself.

The fact is, some companies now believe that as long as there is someone on the team who has just enough experience with a camera and a barely qualified video editing station, this should suffice to get the video done.

Or, they may be under the impression that If they make a low budget video for next-to-nothing with an online video maker, this will be enough to produce video content that can truly help elevate the brand. The problem is, half the world, including your competition, is using the same video templates and stock footage as you.

In most cases, they’re left with inadequate video materials that fail to appeal and deliver the targeted message, prolonging the desired results they hoped to gain and overall, hurting their image and reputation.

I’ll go further by differentiating a mediocre produced video versus a professionally produced video by using guitar playing as the comparison.

A novice guitar player may be able to strum a few chords they learned in their easy chord book, or bend a few strings on the neck. Unfortunately, the noise they produce might have you fleeing the room due to the inability to reach the correct pitch and tone. Mainly due to their lack of experience and finger/hand strength. They’re just not there yet. It takes time.

A professional guitarist on the other hand, effortlessly maneuvers their way around the fretboard, bending strings with correct vibrato, flawlessly chording and popping harmonics while orchestrating a delicious medley of sound that pleases the inner most part of the ear canal.

“They “feel” the music and as a result their body and facial reactions correlate with the overtones they are spewing from their instrument. The person and the sound they create work seamlessly together. You can not only see it but you hear and feel their level of expertise. You want to keep listening. You think, “I want to hear more.”

In a sense, a professional video producer does the same.


So, what do we have here? Well, let’s think for a minute.

If we live in a world where everyone has access to a camera and can potentially edit basic video now days.

Does this mean, just about anyone really has the skill to do it on a level that’s fit for your business needs. Can they really produce content that will create the understanding your business needs to resonate with new clients and/or your employees?

Referring back to the guitar player…last time I checked, the local music store sells affordable guitars that anyone can purchase and play, but does this mean an individual, even if a quick and talented learner, is ready to perform live at the The Hollywood Bowl without investing the time and experience needed to play a bigger venue.

“To make this over-long story short…you already know your company image is extremely important and highly valuable. We don’t need to remind you of this.”

A cheap alternative to showcase your brand, products and services, just to get a little ineffective air-time could hurt your brand reputation in the long hull.

Your story, no matter the angle, should be entrusted to a true creative with the experience and ability to craft the information in a manner that will not only boost interest but deliver the information in a compelling way in order to help take the message to next phase. Which in most cases is the “inquiry”, “meeting” or the “sale”.

By hiring a credible video production company to create video content for your business, whether for marketing or training purposes, you’re ensuring that anyone on the outside looking in realizes your company is a top notch organization that delivers and doesn’t take shortcuts. Not just for your own products or services but with the marketing materials you utilize to grow your business as well. Everything you do rings top notch. People notice.

So, rather than relying on a new company appointee with little experience to slam a video together or by settling for the local “Videos-R-Us” company that comes in at the lowest price point, care enough to produce quality videos for your business from the start and you might just find yourself in an enormous season of growth with much needed recognition within your industry.

All because you were well aware and recognized that the most visual aspect of your marketing efforts deserves some love and attention.

Choose professional video, or…go with mediocre, average videos and wonder why things just don’t seem to get any better.

Scott Steward