3 Key Ingredients To A Successful Business Video


Think about it. In cinema…music, visuals and story can make us laugh, cry, excite us, inspire us and energize a number of human emotions inside of us.

Those same emotional results can be delivered when a customer watches a business video that utilizes the same 3 ingredients… music, visuals and story, in order to sell and promote business services of any kind….. all of which when used effectively, will create an emotional impact on a customer’s decision to invest in what you do as a business.

By watching, the viewer has an opportunity to experience an emotional enlightenment which might persuade them to trust and accept your brand of products and services, as a leading provider.

These techniques done right and by a true video professional who knows how to achieve this pure emotion in the form of business video story telling, is a powerful way to increase business engagement, separate yourself from your competition and is an effective method to shorten the sales cycle.

“Your video should solidify your company’s credibility and explore the important and unique aspects of your business, while emotionally charging and motivating potential customers to select your company for their specific needs. It can assist in gaining new customers, repeat customers, repeat business…every time!”


“It honestly starts with hiring a video production company that has a true passion for creating a story that will inspire those watching – otherwise, it’s often a difficult feat to take on and the video falls short. A video producer should truly love their craft, and have a keen interest in what your business does, and then must set out to produce an effective video. One that will tug at them and stir just the right emotion for the genre of video being delivered,” says Scott Steward of The Video Stewards in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Video Stewards produce professional business videos that get your potential customers excited and passionate about your business.

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Scott Steward