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The Video Stewards are a network of video production professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We craft professional business videos that educate and inspire those watching by emotionally connecting your target audience to “what” you do and most importantly, “why” you do it.

We can help your company with web videos, sales and marketing videos, product demonstration videos, safety and training videos, trade show videos, presentation videos, customer testimonial videos, human resources videos, company event videos, broadcast videos, videography services, video editing services and motion graphics.

Video enables people to reach out and connect with others unlike any other communications tool in the history of human existence.

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Featured Work

  • Webb Orthodontics
    Orthodontics / Dental
  • Atlas Copco Compressors
  • E-Z Way Auto Sales
    Commercial Ad
  • Atlas Copco QAS 125 Generator
  • The Blanchard Institute
    Mental Health
  • Pallmann Industries
  • WildWood Ranch
    Venue Overview
  • Myers Park Country Club
    CEO Spotlight
  • Carolina Facial Plastics
    Medical / Plastic Surgeon
  • Pallmann Industries
  • T1V
    Digital Technology
  • Cedar Management Group
    HOA Management
  • Yvette Ferris Foundation
  • The Dale Jr. Foundation
  • Atlas Copco Compressors
  • Autozone / Valvoline
    Sales Contest / Sports
  • John Fraley "We Can Do Better"
    Political TV Ad
  • Evolve Medical Associates
    Medical / Plastic Surgeon
  • V. Sagar Sethi M.D., PH.D
  • Gem-Tech Technology
    Venture Capital
  • Degree Drifting
    Sports / Social Media
  • Sodom and Gomorrah DVD Trailer
  • Coakley For Congress
    Political Ad
  • RK Motors Charlotte
    TV Commercial
  • Casino Party Aces
    Social Media Marketing
  • Head Start Program
  • Harris Teeter Training Video


The Video Stewards takes great pride in producing compelling video content for every department of your company. Our professional storytellers have a passion for creating videos that deliver your message accurately and effectively.  


We start every video project with a pre-production plan containing all the ingredients of your video project. Depending on your budget and needs, we can handle everything involved throughout the video production process.


With nearly 2 decades of experience in post-production service, We can assist your company with video editing services, 2D / 3D motion graphics, audio services and more. Our creative vision has assisted many companies in bringing their video concepts to life.


We have years of experience producing effective videos for the web, broadcast television and the corporate business world. From global companies to local mom and pop shops, we aim our passion for creating professional videos to business models of all shapes and sizes.


Our videographers have a passion for filming and indulge in capturing an arsenal of creative footage for any video project they are a part of. Each video we shoot is strategically engineered for the final video editing process, ensuring your company video showcases a modern, professional look with creative composition.

Team Work

Led by the direction of our creative director, our team of professional Video Steward’s think outside the box- ensuring persuasive, informative and engaging video content that delivers on target for any video project we are involved with.

From Concept To Completion

From pre-production planning to filming, through post production editing and graphics – all the way to final delivery of the video, The Video Stewards have you covered every step of the way.


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We don't call ourselves Video Stewards for the heck of it. We serve, manage, create, construct, maintain and deliver exceptional video for companies large and small. We aim to please and love what we do.

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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions when a company inquires about our video production services. Feel free to contact us and ask us anything! We’re here to help and listen.

How Does Are Company Begin The Process of Creating A Video?

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your project. We’ll start by asking you questions about your business, your objectives, audience, budget and timeframe. We’ll discuss the various ways we can help and plan the best method to tackle your project.

How Much Should We Budget For Video?

There’s a lot of moving parts with any video production. Having a conversation to understand and  explore specific details related to your unique video project will allow us an opportunity to provide an accurate cost estimate for our video production services. Typically, we produce video content that ranges between 5k – 15k for lower budget projects and between 15k – 30k+ for bigger budget projects.

How Much Am I Involved In The Video Production Process?

You can be involved as much or as little as you like, although we know you’re busy and your time is valuable. Your primary role is in pre-production or the initial planning phase. Once we establish an effective concept, we film the video and then shortly after, begin the art of crafting your video. Soon after, we provide you with private online drafts of your video for review. It’s that easy.

Do We Get To See The Video As It Comes Together?

Yes, absolutely! During the course of post-production, (video editing, graphics, audio mixing, color grading, color correction) we provide easy to review, online drafts of the video for you to provide feedback on and request any editorial revisions that are necessary. We want you to feel good about every aspect of your finished video.

What Happens After The Video Is Complete?

After completion, we deliver your video in a file format suitable to upload to any of the popular video sites, (Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.) your company website or anywhere else you need to deliver your video for the world to watch. The video is sent via a user friendly, popular file transfer service – and is as simple as clicking “download” to retrieve your finished video. Easy enough?

Your Video is Optimized For Multiple Surfaces

Your video is optimized to play on any surface you can imagine. We also give you clear insight on the best methods to go live with your video and useful tips to track its overall performance.


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