Trade Show Video Production:

Using trade show video is a highly effective marketing tool that can earn a lot of attention at your company's trade show booth.

We can assist in trade show video production that focuses on 3 core areas of your company…your people, products or services.

No matter which area you choose to spotlight, each can help provide sales leads, new buyers and attract brand curiosity about your products or services.

Trade show videos are effective at gaining an advantage over other surrounding participants in order to stand out from the pack at a highly populated event.

Trade shows in general are renown as a networking tool and delivering key details about your company and brand.

A professionally produced trade show video will not only help elevate your company's overall brand and image, but can also help shorten the sales cycle…sometimes with an immediate short-sale at an event due to their ability to cause an emotional decision based on how you deliver the content.

With a variety of effective methods to produce the video to achieve your desired results, a trade show video can help solidify you as a leader of your industry, as well as on the trade show floor.

Showcased Examples:

Trade Show Video Production

Core Benefits:

• Serve video to decision makers on the show room floor.

• Earn more recognition, even from a distance, during the most congested times.

• Attract curious prospects to your booth to engage interest and better promote your products, brand and services.

• Utilize your trade show video long after the show is over for marketing purposes.

• Lengthen the amount of time passerby's stop by your booth using video.

• Video is an affordable and practical way to get your business message out to the world and should always be a major part of your marketing plan both now and into the future.

• Your video is viewable on any surface or mobile device they use and can also be shared via SD card or by a USB stick.