Event Video Production:

Event video production for business functions, workshops, meetings and gatherings.

Your next business event might be something you’re interested in documenting. We provide professional event video production coverage that will capture the key moments from the occasion.

We offer 3 delivery options.

Presentation Style:

A completely edited presentation video between cameras. We film the main event presentation and edit it as it happened between the amount of cameras you require. We edit out any awkward pauses and interruptions and deliver an edited presentation as it happened.

Need to include the powerpoint presentation slides you used during the presentation? We can incorporate them full-screen within the presentation video to coincide exactly with your dialogue. Upgrade your package to include the amount of power-point slides you require.

Event Highlight Video:

An edited highlight video in micro or feature-length.

Edited with visuals from the event, soundbites from speakers and event attendees, as well as on-location footage from your event. All edited with a music underscore for added feel, emotion and interest.

Your final video can be used on your company website, shared on social media or any other online viewing platform.

Raw Footage Delivery:

Only need the footage and no editing? We deliver the raw footage after the event on secure storage hard drive that you keep.

Your team would handle all editing and post-production required. You own the rights to a copy of all of the footage materials filmed.

Showcased Examples:

Event Video Production

Core Benefits:

• Easily share your content with others.

• Document and create event longevity and repurpose footage later.

• Showcase your expertise and display your organization as a top leader in the industry.

• Use for marketing and promotions.

• Utilize as a tool for training and education.

• Use the occasion and event as a publicity opportunity.

• Incorporate into your current video content library.