Your Business Needs A Company Overview Video.


Your Business Needs A Company Overview Video.

“Video is an awesome way to reach potential customers for a lot of different reasons.”

It gives the viewer an entertaining experience that allows them to learn first hand what your company is about, right there on the users personal computer or device.

Your message is personal and easily understood if the video is produced right. It can also be shared with anyone they think it would serve as a resource for useful information and services.

All in all though, video can be used to unveil a human side to who you are as a business without all the hype of sale pitches and promises that have come to be expected in traditional marketing.

As times are rapidly changing and the way consumers shop online has all but removed the need for much human interaction, one common emotion that has been proven to be shown with prospects is their lack of trust, uncertainty or lack of knowledge about the companies they are thinking about doing business with due to the void of real, human interaction.

They unknowingly need that human guidance and reassurance, as well as the straight forward communication that only a human can bring to the table: clearly spoken solutions, a better understanding of the business and “real” employee conversation are all helpful.  All portraying trust as well as many other “real” human values that can be conveyed to establish a broader connection to your company.

Video is powerful because it lets us be who we really are, showing our potential customers we are real and not just a digital illusion behind our colorful interactive websites.

There’s many different ways video can help assist with building this trust. A company overview video is one way we’ll put in the spotlight:

Company Overview Videos:

It’s simple. Customers react more to visual stimulation. If your website is being visited and all you have are a few photos and a bunch of text, you will usually lose their attention within 10 seconds or less.
Having a video keeps their attention and focus, allowing you to reveal all your company’s unique selling points, products and services, quickly and in a very appealing way.

Benefits of a Company Overview Video:
•    Showcase your Business
•    Educate and Deliver Key Messages
•    Engage Your Viewer To Increase Sales
•    Create an Online Video Presence
•    Use Your Video Anywhere on the Worldwide Web (Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Youtube, Vimeo, etc)

Video that emotionally connects with the viewer will help ensure the prospect thoroughly evaluates your website while sparking a natural urge to want to learn more about what you do.


“With people’s span of attention diminishing, you better be able to keep them around within 5 – 10 seconds of visiting your page or they could already be on your competitions website that is harnessing the power of video.”

“We specialize in company overview videos that capture every aspect of your business, giving potential customers a front row seat to learn more about the services you offer,” says Scott Steward of The Video Stewards. “There’s compelling evidence in today’s business world that video plays a critical role in advertising and marketing your company online and is regarded as one of the best and most cost effective ways to promote your business.”

Other Benefits of A Company Overview Video:

•    Offers an online viewing opportunity 24/7, 365 days a year to an unlimited audience.
•    Potential customers accumulated by video marketing campaigns are more likely to convert into sales and increased business.
•    Video is more effective at reaching your target audience than traditional print advertising campaigns.
•    Turns your static website into a dynamic destination with richer content that engages potential customers.
•    Showcase your propositions, business, people, history and expertise.
•    Video is an affordable and practical way to get your business message out to the world and should always be a major part of your marketing plan both now and into the future.
•    Your video is viewable on any surface or mobile device they use.

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Check out these company overview videos we produced for Atlas Copco  and Webb Orthodontics:

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